Bible Courses Currently Available:​​

Enrolling in one of of Bible courses is easy and free! These will be mailed to you, graded and returned with the next lesson. Once you have completed the required study a certificate of achievement, suitable for framing will be presented to you!  Please indicate which course you prefer in the adjacent form along with your contact information (please remember to include your mailing address).

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The Abundant Life (five part course)

--Instructions  for a better life now  and hope for eternity

​1. Can you see it?

​2. The Persistence Key

​3. Handling Problems

​4. Inner Calmness

​5. Finding Lasting Motivation

Christian Evidences Study Course:

Evidence that the Bible is Real! This is a 10 part introductory course that you take at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. Once you have completed the questions, return them to us and we will send you the next lesson by mail.

1. The Many Faces and Causes of Unbelief
2. The Existence of God—Cause and Effect
3. The Existence of God—Design
4. The Existence of God—Morality
5. Creation vs. Evolution [Part I]
6. Creation vs. Evolution [Part II]
7. A General Introduction to the Bible
8. The Inspiration of the Bible
9. What Does God Expect of Me?
10. The Church

There is also an intermediate and advanced course available upon completion of this course.

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Name of the course

The First Street church of Christ

528 First Street

Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

Currently only available in the United States